We teach you how to set up smooth business systems so you can focus on what you love doing best: creating.



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knowledge + community + action = success

Take charge of your business so you have more time to create. We’re not just another online business guru, with a “one size fits all” success formula. We are a team with experience in various specialty fields, here to help you be your own guru—learn to grow your business with confidence.

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Foundational Courses

Build a strong foundation for your business with courses that cover everything from branding, to email marketing to social media and more!

Actionable Library

Video content, workbooks, worksheets, checklists, templates and infographics. This helps you take action in your business and get things done quickly. All searchable and actionable!

Supportive Community

Our community is housed on our website. No facebook group here, we're a safe and supportive community that come to help each other rise and grow. 

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The “one size fits all” systems that online marketing gurus keep trying to sell us definitely don’t work for everyone (especially when it comes to creatives like us). Your business model, your product/service, your audience, your business goals, and your lifestyle are a unique blend that won’t fit into just any system. Instead, we’ll teach you how to create your own smooth systems for your business that actually work for you and help you meet your goals.

Your marketing system should be as unique as your business.

Yes, there will be maps and guides, but we won’t press you to work on our schedule. We’ll guide you through small, simple steps that are manageable in your own time frame. Our lessons are small snippets of learning that coincide with doing.

Each of our courses is built into a pathway to take your business from chaos to order. As a result, you’ll make more connections, create a stronger customer base, and develop that perfect system for your business to work so that you can focus on the parts you love.

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The world of online business can feel like a tsunami of information. At Badger and Chirp, you won’t be bombarded with info. Everything we do is designed with purpose to bring you closer to your own goals, and each learning step is a doing step.


  • Access to all our business and marketing courses to help you where you need it most in your business!
  • Access to the library that houses extra video content, workbooks, worksheets, checklists, templates and infographics. This helps you take action in your business and get things done quickly!
  • Access to the Private Community on our website that has creative professionals working their business just like you! 
  • Access to all current content and future content in the community! 

$47 per month. You sign up for a subscription that auto-renews each month. You can cancel at any time.

Nope. They are all included in your monthly membership. 

Yes! Beginning or experienced, there's always something more to learn. You know a lot, but still have areas where you struggle that you want to make smoother and easier. We can help you do that.

Our community includes well established business owners who have been at it for years, and the support given in the forums can be just the additional oomph you need to get through the ups and downs of running your business.


Yes! We will help you learn to create a solid foundation for your business so you can be better prepared to make a living doing what you love.

We want you to be happy! If you are not, send us an email for a refund [email protected] 

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