You care deeply about the work you do, but you have a difficult time making sales.

Everyone is giving you confusing advice and it all sounds so good… until you go to put it into practice and realize that it just won’t work for you.

You are unique. Your business model, clients, product or service, business goals, and your lifestyle are all very uniquely yours. You need strategies that actually fit you and your business.

We are a team of women who understand how unique you are. As experts in our various fields, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to create this community and support your success. Each day, we’re dedicated to helping small business owners just like you to seek, find, and grow into their amazing potential. Our experience comes from a variety of places — from Fortune 500 corporate teams, to running our own businesses, but our biggest passion is helping creatives bring their art to the world. Like you, we’ve each been down the small business path with our own creative businesses in various services or with handmade goods. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know how it feels to put everything you have into this business.

Badger and Chirp is about community. We’ve created a supportive system that guides you through each path your business needs to take. We help you prepare for any bumps in the path, steer you right when you take a wrong turn, and cheer you on when you’re learning to communicate better with your clients and customers.

Our Promise: Real-Life Encouragement, Education, and Support
We’re in the forum each week, answering the questions that are unique to your business.
Everything we provide in courses is easy to digest, and actionable.
You’ll get to soak in knowledge specific to your needs, and immediately put it into action for your business.

You believe in your business, and so do we. Let’s grow your success together.

Join us in the community!



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