Karleigh Heywood 

I know what it’s like to own and run a small business. My husband, Daniel, and I owned an online business selling handmade books for over ten years. We've made and sold tens of thousands of books. It allowed us to experience every duty a small business must take on. The good and the difficult.

Along my journey as business owner, I had many people ask how we were able to work from home and earn a full time income. I found opportunities to share my experience with others through teaching business classes, holding community Q&A’s and consulting other businesses on systems and marketing strategies.

I believe in the importance of preparation and connection in all areas of my life. I also found that everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their business and how important it is to connect with others to learn how to strengthen those weak areas.

While I’ve switched over to teaching business fulltime, I keep one foot in the bookbinding world through Editions.Studio and occasionally teaching bookbinding workshops. I also love teaching others about artists’ books.

I love learning from my four children, visiting art museums, people watching and hiking in the mountains. You can find me on Instagram @karleighheywood



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