Shalon Ironroad

Shalon Ironroad is on a mission to help people drop the dream of work-life balance, and instead embrace the idea of work + life harmony. A military wife, mother of 3, author, and business owner, she has learned (the hard way) that life doesn’t have to be a constant juggling and balancing act where we feel like we’re always falling short. Instead, we can step off of the balance beam and turn our lives into a unique set of melodies that blend together in a way that works for us in our own life compositions.

Shalon’s professional background is in online education and digital media, with a through line of administration and systems (she’s been nicknamed a “human Swiss Army knife” by former clients). In her work with investors, philanthropists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, she has built simple solutions to help people create space for the things and relationships that matter most.

On the personal front, Shalon loves music (hence the harmony idea). She loves to play the piano and sing, and is slowly but surely learning the guitar. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children, speaking with other women (whether on stage or over brunch), and sharing things she learns through writing.

She has published one book so far, titled The Tale of Little Tree: A Fable About Courage, which is a gentle-yet-bold call to live up to who we are meant to be.

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